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        (310) 593-3955

        8885 Venice Blvd. Suite 205
        Los Angeles, CA 90034

        Open 9-5pm

        Email Us

        Meet Our Professional Staff:

        The success and achievements of Power Property Management have truly been a collaborative effort: It starts with the co-owners, Thomas Khammar and Brent Parsons, but driven through the combined efforts of the in-house PPM team and onsite property managers. Additionally, we work with over seventy third-party independent building/apartment support (maintenance, handyman, plumbers, etc.) vendors. When working with our extended team, we will work hand-in-hand overseeing or hiring a manager per property.

        With respect to our third party vendors, PPM uses a documented vendor process to provide top quality performance, minimize/eliminate owner concerns. The purpose of this process is to provide a positive end-result in a timely & cost effective manner. PPM further ensures that each vendor is:

        Property Management
        • A non-PPM employee
        • Independently licensed and insured for at least $1 million in liability coverage
        • Referred/recommended by a known & trusted party to PPM

        In addition, our extended teams of third-party vendors are contracted out with no extra overhead fees, billings and/or surcharges for work not completed by PPM. And, to ensure timely completion each work order is logged-in, tracked and verified by an in-house PPM team member until project completion and tenant satisfaction.

        Now that you’ve learned a bit about our overall team,
        we’d like to introduce you to our PPM staff:

        Brent Parsons

        Brent Parsons

        Brent Parsons

        Is one of the Managing Partners and Co-Owners of Power Property Management (PPM) responsible for overseeing the real estate team, maintenance department, capital improvement projects, and customer service.

        Before establishing PPM, Brent’s career included Keller Williams as a top real estate agent where he executed multi-level leases mastered all the aspects of property management and residential & multi-family property sales. Prior to his experience with Keller Williams Brent spent five years as the Sales Manager for Los Angeles at Citysearch.com, an online local city guide powered by, MSN, Yahoo & Google. Brent is also the “acting broker” for PPM responsible for many of the day to day operations.

        Brent’s success is due in a large part to his dedication of setting clear expectations and ongoing open communication between PPM’s internal staff, 3rd party property managers, vendors, brokers, tenants, and most importantly owners. Together, Brent and Thomas share a deep commitment to customer service and client satisfaction; and, it shows in the high levels of recognition, appreciation, and repeat business PPM gets from their client base and other brokers. Individually, Thomas and Brent are quite accomplished in this field, but together they make a formidable team that contains an unparallel synergy leading the industry.

        Brent has a California Real Estate License, broker’s license, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Psychology from Washington State University.

        Brent can be reached at Email Brent or (310) 593-3955, ext. 24.

        Thomas Khammar

        Thomas Khammar

        Thomas Khammar

        Thomas is a business owner, property manager, and licensed real estate agent in Los Angeles. He is well known and respected for his comfort level in working with a diverse group of backgrounds, areas of responsibility, and employment levels.

        Thomas spent 7 years at Keller Williams Realty (KW) where he gained experience in all aspects of property management, real estate and leasing. He enjoyed his work, but aspired to open a boutique style property management company that was specifically focused on financial transparency, as well as day-to-day contact with owners, tenants and brokers.

        In 2007, he and colleague Brent Parsons established Power Property Management (PPM) with a portfolio of 4 properties. Today the company manages more than 100 properties & 3,000 units from Long Beach to Santa Barbara. Most exciting, PPM is now expanding their reach throughout the United States. As one of the Managing Partners and Co-Owners of Power Property Management (PPM), Khammar is responsible for day-to-day company operations.

        Thomas oversees the customer service, accounting, owner’s relations, and works daily with brokers, owners, managers and tenants. PPM thrives on an open flow of communication -- within the overall property management channel – while allowing a warm family feeling within a traditional corporate structure.

        Thomas can be reached via email at Email Thomas or by phone at (310) 593-3955, ext. 23.

        We offer an experienced and knowledgeable staff