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        (310) 593-3955

        8885 Venice Blvd. Suite 205
        Los Angeles, CA 90034

        Open 9-5pm

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        First Time Home Buyer

        Tired of renting? Wondering if you qualify to buy real estate? Just curious about the market? At Power Property Group (PPG), we want to be part of the team that helps guide you through the process on a step-by-step basis. We know what it takes and will gladly help answer any questions, specially if you’re a first-time home buyer. To help save you time, money and headaches, we have created a free daily email service that lists all homes currently for sale that meet your search criteria.

        Did you know that buying a home-especially for 1st time homebuyers is a team sport? To build your team you need to:

        • Get educated about the “in’s/out’s” of home buying
        • Know the neighborhoods and market area you want to buy in
        • Build your team of specialists you know and trust

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